Meet the Vendors

Vendor 71, Teresa King

The queen bee herself 

My name is Teresa King. I have been active in the Antique business for forty years. My father was an Antique dealer in Chicago as I grew up. My husband Michael and I love our customers and work hard to find items that they are collecting. We enjoy hunting for great bargains for them. I love to find and collect rare and unusual items. My booths range from 1950s to primitives. I also have a victorian leaning booth and a huge display of vintage jewelry. There is also a display of Native American turquoise and sterling silver jewelry. Come shop with us in booths tagged # 71. We look forward to talking Antiques with you.


Vendor 38, Bill Owens
My name is Bill Owens, I became a vendor to get rid of my surplus. I have been an atnique vendor for 20 plus years. I collect waay tooo much. Mainly I collect Jewel-Tea ware and anything farm related. Mostly what I sell is the extras I buy. When picking/purchasing, l am always looking for the odd and different. Come check out my booths at the Sturgis Antique Mall, booth #38. I have 1 double and 2 single booths, a little something for everyone. Thank you for reading!
Vendor 05, Mike Cowan
Vendor 88, Mike Cowan & Lisa Jones
I've been here from the very beginning, even before Mrs. Teresa took it over in 2010. I am the owner of booth 05, "I like it dusy and rusty." I started antiquing in 1999 here in this very mall by accident with only 2 booths, now I have 14 haha! I like dealing in primitives, cast iron, architectual salvage, old tools, clocks and whatever catches my eye. My phrase is "I'd love to do it," so I will try to sell just about anything. I am always on the hunt and constantly bringing in more items weekly. Come in, look around and enjoy listening to the oldies on the radio as you shop!! I look forward to seein' ya!!
Vendor 02, Larry & Kathy Thompson
I have been in the antique business well over 10+ years. I have always been a picker so to speak, as I would never pass up a good deal whether it be from simple sales to buying household collections. Me and my wife stay busy looking for that special piece to bring into the mall. I am always on the look out for a variety of antiques from furniture to beautiful older dishes, glassware and fine china. I love finding older furniture pieces of various types and transforming them either by painting or refinshing for past, present and future generations of buyers. With the large selection of booths/vendors we have here at the mall we most more than likely have everything you might need and more to add to your collection to make it special. Come see us and check out my booth, Booth #02. If I dont have what your looking for I will work hard to find what you are needing!!
Vendor 52, Mary Greenwell
I've always liked decorating with vintag things, so this was a good fit for me.  I find most things at estate sales, yard sales, thrift stores, and buying from individual collections. The thrill of the hunt is the most fun and I am always looking.  I usually look for jars, crocks, ironstone pieces, furniture, wooden boxes, blue willow, linens and just about anything that "brings me joy".  I especially enjoy working on vignette at the mall and decorating, redesigning booths alongside my co workers.  Also helping customers find that something special that they are searching for.  It's interesting to see what other people enjoy collecting.  Come check out booth #52.
 Vendor 01, Mark Lamb
Vendor 02, Larry & Kathy Thompson
Vendor 03, Curt & Michelle Morris
Vendor 04, Keith & Penny
Vendor 05, Mike Cowan
Vendor 12, Brooke White (Creative Touch Creations)
Vendor 13, Lisa Jones
Vendor 15, Tracy Wasson
Vendor 16, Lisa/Teresa
Vendor 17, Wendy Gibbs
Vendor 31, Michael Johnson
Vendor 32, Ashley Morries
Vendor 38, Bill Owens
Vendor 44, Teresa/Lisa
Vendor 45, Jenny Rigsby
Vendor 52, Mary Greenwell
Vendor 55, Tanya Newcom
Vendor 60, Joyce Martin
Vendor 62, Kelly Howard
Vendor 70, Dorothy Butler
Vendor 71, Teresa King
Vendor 85, Ralph Taylor
Vendor 87, Eddie & Kaley Jones
Vendor 88, Mike/Lisa
Vendor 90, Teresa Holeman
Vendor 99, Terry & Diane Vickery
Vendor 102, Leanne Whittington
Vendor 103, Lauren Lewis
Vendor 104, Linda Henning
Vendor 109, Elizabeth (Liz) Stofko
Vendor 112, Yolanda Reinhard

Vendor 120, Sue Hagan
Vendor 131, Wayne Smith
Vendor 155, Bob & Debbie Smith
Vendor 914, Fran Woodring
THANK YOU to ALL of our vendors for all their hard work on  making their booth fabulous and helping make the Sturgis Antique Mall a successful business!!! We appreciate you ALL :)
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